Unmatchable Offer

Unmatchable Offer

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

Did you catch the buzz about the free downtown Vancouver apartment in the Shangri-la tower this week? Those not absorbed in news about US politics this week were treated to a tantalizing offer posted on Craigslist for a 677 sq ft 1 bedroom condo boasting mountain and water views, luxury appliances and finishes, and 24-hour concierge service. Shangri-la refers to an imaginary paradise on earth, a haven of all things gorgeous and tranquil. Similar sized units in this posh hotel are advertised for just shy of a million dollars but this listing price was a mere dollar. However reading through the full listing revealed a catch.

All of the current owners outstanding debt must be assumed with the transfer of the property deed. If there are a couple mortgages rolled together, plus the $20,000 property transfer tax the cost could well exceed the assessed value. This offer may be too good to be true but there is a reverse offer that is real. Jesus offered to take on all our debts – the “damages owing” due to sin, the amends we should be making, the consequences we should be facing because of our greed, pride and selfishness. He traded the Shangri-la of heaven to walk the gruelling paths of the human experience and died an innocent but accused criminal so that we could again access the inheritance He built for us – life in abundance now and paradise for eternity.

Check out the details of this offer listed in the Bible: Philippians 2: 5-11 and consider if that’s not worth your full consideration and acceptance.

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