Our church, Your church

We believe that Jesus is needed and relevant for people in Vancouver today.

The message of God's love and promise of wholeness was destined to be experienced within a faith community that worships, studies scripture and prays together. Let us warmly welcome you to journey with us toward greater connection, purpose and peace.


From the Gallery

Words of Hope

Streams in the Desert

After a military coup took place on February 1, 2021, Myanmar (Burma) was thrown into a deadly tailspin of violence, armed conflict, and war. Until now, more than 2 million

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Upon God’s shoulders

Mentally flip through your early childhood memories and I bet you can recall a moment you were lifted up to the shoulders of an adult.  As you picture yourself there

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Age is Just a Number

In our society, age often becomes a measure of capability, potential, and value. However, the Bible repeatedly challenges this notion, showing us that age—whether youth or seniority—does not limit one’s

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