Why our church

We believe that Jesus
is needed and relevant
for people in Vancouver today

The message of God’s love and promise of wholeness was destined to be experienced within a faith community that worships, studies scripture and prays together. Let us warmly welcome you to journey with us toward greater connection, purpose and peace.

Church Events

In-Person Service

Space for in-person events is limited and you must register in advance. Registration will close at 10am Fridays for next day attendance. Many thanks to BC’s health

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Multicultural Sabbath

OAC’s annual Multicultural Sabbath is scheduled for July 3rd! This is one of our most anticipated worship services of the year where we celebrate the

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Words of Hope

Father’s Love

By Carolina Henriqez Father’s as we know in the bible are leaders and protectors of the family. They are also resilient and courageous to rebuild

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Refuge and Strength

By Rhoda Klein Miller One of the unique aspects of ancient Israel was the presence of sanctuary cities within its tribal territories. These places of

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The Great Guiding Light

By Rhoda Klein Miller Throughout history humanity has looked up for direction. By land or sea, the stars have helped travellers navigate. Reading the sky

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