Our church, Your church

We believe that Jesus is needed and relevant for people in Vancouver today.

The message of God's love and promise of wholeness was destined to be experienced within a faith community that worships, studies scripture and prays together. Let us warmly welcome you to journey with us toward greater connection, purpose and peace.


From the Gallery

Words of Hope

Identity Theft

$7.86. That’s the compensation LifeLabs clients ended up receiving from a class action lawsuit after their personal data was compromised and held for ransom. A few months ago the word

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 Walk with Me

In a world marked by bustling traffic, bustling schedules, and bustling lives, it’s easy to overlook the beauty and depth of the communities we inhabit. But what if we slowed

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Bird Brained

Have you ever been accused of being “bird brained”? Historical writing from the 1600s shows the insult of “bird-witted’ seemingly refer to fowl’s feeble function. However despite their small skulls, avians

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