Our church, Your church

We believe that Jesus is needed and relevant for people in Vancouver today.

The message of God's love and promise of wholeness was destined to be experienced within a faith community that worships, studies scripture and prays together. Let us warmly welcome you to journey with us toward greater connection, purpose and peace.

Church Events

Summer Picnic

Food, beautiful park and friends! The perfect combination you can enjoy on Sabbath, August 20, while OAC is having its first outdoor summer picnic in

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Deeper Calling

Join us for this 10-week experiential journey to deepen your relationship with God and embrace your purpose as a disciple and ambassador of Jesus.  Regardless

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Words of Hope

Sabbatical Leave

Are you considering working less or somewhere else? Maybe you made that change recently. Chances are you or someone you know has been part of

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Light in the Darkness

It’s back, the Celebration of Lights! After two summers hiatus, Vancouver is again hosting one of the largest offshore fireworks festivals in the world. By

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Look At The Stars

“Do you realize where you are? You’re in a cosmos star-flung with constellations by God, A world God wakes up each morning and puts to

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