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Our church, Your church

We believe that Jesus is needed and relevant for people in Vancouver today.

The message of God's love and promise of wholeness was destined to be experienced within a faith community that worships, studies scripture and prays together. Let us warmly welcome you to journey with us toward greater connection, purpose and peace.

Church Events

Weeknights Together

According to Barna’s recent research, Millennials are experiencing the most loneliness despite being the most ‘connected’ generation.  Finding a small group of people to build

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Child Dedication

At OAC parents have an opportunity to publicly thank God for the miracle of a child (Psalm 127:3) and declare their intent to raise their little one

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Words of Hope

Lonely Jesus

By Pr. Rhoda Klein Miller We were supposed to share Communion this Sabbath.  While churches are currently permitted to host in-person worship, our leaders and volunteers

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New Year Goals

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller It’s never too late to embrace the habit of daily devotional time. If you haven’t joined us yet in the

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Tokens of Care

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller “Can I give you a hug?” Hearing these words I immediately regretted not being the first to pose the question. 

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