Tithes & Offerings

Thank you for returning your tithes and offerings back to God. At Oakridge, we believe that living a life of generosity and abundance is a direct reflect of your trust and devotion to God. Learn how to make a contribution.

What is the difference between Church Budge and tithe?

Tithe is the Biblical practice of returning 10% of profits back to God. Additional offerings are returned to acknowledge God’s blessings and exercise trust in His provision. All giving marked “tithe” is passed on to the BC Conference for administrative support and pastor’s salaries serving the region’s churches. Only contributions to the Local Church Budget pay for Oakridge Church’s ministry costs. Oakridge Church is dependent on your faithfulness and charitable contributions to cover facility expenses, local staff salaries, children’s materials, Deer Lake school subsidies, youth and senior events, outreach and community connections, worship instruments, livestream broadcast equipment, office supplies, and much more. Our ministry budget and plans are based on receiving half the amount given in tithe (5% of congregational incomes).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my tithes and offerings still go through my local church?

Yes. 100% of the funds are routed through the local church.

What payment types do you accept?

Credit cards and debit cards with the Visa or MASTERCARD logo can be used

Is my credit card information secure?

As privacy and security are top priorities in this program, state-of-the-art security measures are in place. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

Who will know what I am giving?

Your password, login and state-of-the-art security measures protect your privacy online. Only your church treasurer will have knowledge of your giving, as is the case with regular cash and check contributions.
What do I do if I don’t see the fund that I want to donate to?

AdventistGiving has more than 900 offering categories from which to select, and you will likely find the category you want. However, if you do not see an offering category listed, you can still give cash or a check at your local church. You may also contact your local treasurer if you wish to request a category be added to AdventistGiving.
How long will it take for my church to receive the money I give online?

The funds are sent to the church checking account electronically on a monthly cycle.

How do the local church treasurers keep track of this method of giving?

After receiving a monthly electronic report of all AdventistGiving transactions, the local church treasurer incorporates this group of givers into the monthly report to the church and conference. The local church treasurer then disburses the contributions in harmony with the givers’ intentions.

Who issues my receipt?

After a successful transaction, AdventistGiving generates a confirmation for your records. Official tax receipts will be issued by the receiving church or conference by the end of the year.
Who pays the credit card transaction fees and other banking fees?

The overall cost is shared by the local conference, the union, the North American Division, and the General Conference to ensure you get full credit for your contributions.

Can I still use the old familiar cash and check method of giving?

Yes. AdventistGiving is simply another method available to you.

Does this system give more money to the conference?

No. All percentages and destinations remain the same as the regular system.

What happens if we receive more funds than the project needs?

Donor restricted contributions shall be honorouded, with the undertanding that, when designated program/project needs have been met, or cannot be completed, any remaining contributions may be reallocated by the church