Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the breath of Christian life, the heartbeat of our spirituality. The Prayer Ministry prays for the church ministries and members of the congregation. If you have a prayer request, our team would be delighted to support you in prayer and in action. Fill out a prayer request form here.


Every Thursday at 8:20 pm we join our hearts to share praise and petition God as we unburden our souls of concerns and remind each other of the power and peace Jesus provides.

Use this zoom link or Meeting ID: 836 9545 5843
To dial in, participants can find a local number at

We want to pray for you

We believe in praying for everyone. No matter how big or small the issue or idea or concern, we are willing to pray for it. Be assured that this request is making it to our prayer team and pastoral staff. Please keep us updated.

Creation Sabbath

Creation Sabbath is celebrated by Seventh-day Adventist churches around the world as a special day of emphasis. Knowing and worshipping God as our Creator is vital to our spiritual identity. The Sabbath experience reminds us we were made by His grace and saved by His grace. Let’s embrace this pause to fully enjoy the wonders of creation designed to sustain and bring joy to our lives. Find your nature inspire prayer walk guide here: