Oakridge Adventist Church Facilities

Public Transportation

  • Skytrain: Canada Line Oakridge/41st Avenue Station
  • Northbound Bus (17 to Downtown): unload at 38th Ave
  • Southbound Bus: (17 to Marpole Loop): unload at 37th Ave
  • Westbound Bus (41 to UBC): unload at Heather Street
  • Eastbound Bus (41 to Joyce Station): unload at Willow Street

Facility rental request form


Please read the following carefully BEFORE filling the application ACCURATELY and COMPLETELY. Insufficient or incomplete information will cause delay in processing your application for reservation. make sure to  completed form and submit it.

* It is our policy to not rent church facilities during Sabbath hours. (Friday sundown until Saturday sundown)

Damage deposit due 15 days from receiving acceptance and invoice.  Full payment is due 30 days before the function (make cheques payable to Oakridge SDA Church).

Please allow 30 days notice of reservation.  Approval of all rentals is at the sole discretion of Oakridge SDA Church.

Please note that since Fire & Safety Regulations must be met, Receptions exceeding 200 guests cannot be held in the Fellowship Hall. No other rooms can be rented in conjunction with the function to accommodate a bigger crowd

Reservations will be strictly on a first come basis. Please indicate a second choice of date

If the additional equipment is required, you must make the request ahead of time. Please, call the church office to make arrangements. Fees apply.

It is recommended that an Event Coordinator be appointed whose responsibilities will not only give directions to his/her party but also follow strictly the policies of the Church and be available for Church Officers to go for direction.  This will avoid confusion and misunderstanding

Upon approval of your application by the Facility Manager, recommendation will be made to the Church Board and its outcome communicated to applicant.

All rentals are subject to change.

Under no circumstances will keys be issued to any person as adequate arrangements will be made with persons concerned to facilitate a smooth operation.

ALL RENTED ITEMS for your function to be delivered to the church must be arranged to be dropped off during the office hours.  Please contact the Church Office to make this arrangement.  Church Office Phone No.: 604-266-6727

NO COMMERCIAL COOKING EQUIPMENT or other related equipments are permitted in any part of the building. If they are used and a power failure occurs, we have no onsite electrician to rectify nor do we permit guests or visitors to rectify any electrical problem.

All unusual or special needs or concerns must be in writing and submitted with the reservation application which will receive the best attention.

All food and beverages must be consumed in the Fellowship Hall or approved area

CHILDREN must be with their parents or guardians at all times and not use parts of the building as play areas. Any damage caused will be billed to the renters

THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT will be returned only on the recommendation of the Custodian if he finds the rented facilities were left in reasonably clean and undamaged condition. If additional cleaning and/or repairs are necessary such cost will be deducted and the balance returned within 30 days. If the cost exceeds the deposit, you will be billed for the balance

THE FACILITY COMMITTEE is responsible for the building, its contents, equipment and programmes and reports to the Church Board and the membership.  Therefore, every attempt will be made to protect and provide a congenial atmosphere to all who appreciate a fine facility such as ours.  We earnestly urge you to give us your full cooperation.  The Facility Committee will do everything possible to achieve this.

SAFETY & LIABILITY the renter assumes all responsibility and liability for the safety of guests on site from any and all danger. Oakridge Adventist church has no one on site supervising during events and therefore recognizes no liability for unsupervised minor and guests activities