The image of God

The image of God

By Rhoda Klein Miller

Ever find yourself searching for the end of a drawstring lost in its deep tunnel of fabric? As I instinctively worked the knot of cord toward the light of day so I could cinch up my hoodie, I remembered this is one of the problem solving tasks taught to me by my mother. How many other skills have I acquired from her that I take for granted? Mothering, whether by a biological, foster, adoptive or spiritual mom, is often underappreciated. Those who accept the role to serve and support, nurture, teach and protect another life sacrificially give their time and energy away. Mothers reflect the image of God and I believe the same could be said of them as Jesus who “did so many other things, if they were all written down, the whole world could not contain the books that would be written” (John 21:25). Countless are the tasks our mother’s complete on our behalf. Innumerable are the gifts she provides. Immeasurable are her thoughts driven by love for her “kids”. This year due to a health crisis and financial crisis the usual brunch out and bouquet of flowers may not be possible. But it only takes some time to reflect and express your gratitude with a heartfelt letter or call to ladies in your life who have mothered you. Another gift you can offer that won’t deplete your bank account: cheerfully take on one of her chores. If you can afford the splurge, support a local restaurant and have a meal delivered. OAC created an easy way to share your love of Mom on social media and will be honouring mothers during our next service.

Be prepared to post your tribute of thanks!

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