Reunited with God

Reunited with God

By Edwin Darius 

Once upon a time, a son wished that his good father would die. He got tired of living with him and made up his mind to leave the house. He went to his father and disrespected him by asking for his inheritance —which was  ⅓ of the father’s possession —so he could go on a live a wildlife. Despite the son’s disrespect and audacity, the father still gave him what he had asked and he left home. But after a while, he started struggling. As he partied and drank his last whiskey bottle, his money ran out and had no where to live. Once he came back to his senses and repented, he walked back home wondering if he would still be loved and accepted. To his surprise, when the father noticed him from far, with arms open wide, he ran out with joy to meet him. He even went as far as throwing a feast to celebrate his son’s return.
You know, as far as we can go away from our heavenly Father, there is always hope! When we decide to make a U-Turn and come to Him, a huge amount of joy comes to His heart. He’s constantly seeking to be reconciled with His children. God even went as far as giving His only Son Jesus as a sacrifice through which we could all be at peace with Him. He truly wants us to enjoy the fullness of being in a relationship with Him. Having being reconciled to God through Jesus, let us continue to pursue reconciliation with each other.

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