New Beginning

New Beginning

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller  

Every ending marks a new beginning. My engagement ceased as married life commenced. The step after the Sun Run finish line was the first in my long walk home. The day I completed my masters degree I began ministry under new expectations of that accomplishment. We marvel at Jesus profound use dying breath to declare “it is finished,” but did you ever wonder what new thing followed that moment? A major clue occurs in the Temple. The veil that separated the Most Holy chamber of the Temple was torn top to bottom as Jesus spoke those words (Luke 23:45). The mystery the Creator’s mercy ceased with the revelation Jesus was the Divine sacrifice, the Lamb of God. The end of the Temple services became the start of the Church. A new era of anticipation launched when Jesus fulfilled every foreshadowing symbol of the Passover feast. 

A new perspective on greatness was demonstrated as prevailing ideals were dismissed: “Among you, the leader must become a true servant” (Luke 22:26). Embracing this humble attitude is a radical change that follows deep conviction of forgiven sin (Luke 24:47).  The former role of Priests were no longer needed to mediate God’s mercy but the priesthood of all believers would extend to each other grace experienced from our Heavenly Father. As we participate in the act of foot-washing and partake in the elements of the Last Supper we remember AND echo the spirit of reconciliation Jesus expressed for us. #CheckyourHeart for grudges and offences you need to address. You’ll find new life and love once you’re ready to bury the hatchet. 


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