In Community There’s Strenght

In Community There’s Strenght

By Edwin Darius 

Last week, at the Grouse Mountain here in Vancouver, an eight year old boy found himself dangling from one of the chair lifts. The video shows a group a young skiers quickly reacting and creating a makeshift net with an orange snow fence and some pieces of padding to cushion his fall. They then yelled at the little boy to take his skies off and they convinced him to drop. Few seconds later, he couldn’t hold on anymore and he fell. But he safely landed on the net.

Believe it or not, life always has some interesting ways of leaving us hanging off cliffs. There’s always going to be challenges, difficulties and dark days along the journey. However, it is so much more encouraging to have a church community, family members, some friends or other caring people by our side to help, encourage and strengthen us. It is so much comforting to know that prayer warriors are interceding on your behalf. That’s exactly how God intended our journey on this earth to look like. 

Journeying together is definitely a beautiful and pleasant thing as it says in Psalms 133:1 since we get to help each other carry the burdens of life. In community there is always strength and it is also in community that the Gospel of Christ becomes a lived reality! Let us remember that privatized and individualized Christianity never works! It is important to have prayer partners and accountability partners to support and help us stay on track on our journey home.

Watch the video here 

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