He’s not looking away

He’s not looking away

By Rhoda Klein miller

Having my mother live in Australia keeps me tuned into events that barely become a blip in the North American centric news feed. Many of my prayers recently have been focussed on her precarious position near wildfires chaotically driven by ever-changing winds.  I’m grateful to God she remains safe overseas and has put her trust in Him. While visiting her this spring we toured a local Koala Hospital and rehabilitation centre and I subscribed to their social media posts. This past week they shared a video of a badly singed Koala gulping water tenderly offered by a man who found her while surveying the burnt landscape.  She is a fortunate survivor in a region where hundreds of animals have died.  I am comforted by the fact God shares our heartbreak for the devastation in nature. Matthew 10:29-31 tells us God is emotionally invested and moved by the death of even one tiny sparrow. Jonah 4:11 reveals the salvation of the people AND animals of Nineveh mattered to God. Today Jesus would say He sees each and every injured koala and hurting child (including the 90 year old ones!) He’s not looking away or changing the channel. He joins in our sorrow and longs for us to understand the evidence of how awfully devastating the impact of sin is. Jesus is preparing to free us from the planet’s self-destructing tendencies and end the groaning of His entire creation (Romans 8:18-23). Let’s pray He will return soon!  

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