Finding Happy: On A Lonely Trail

Finding Happy: On A Lonely Trail

I was getting up with the sun and getting ready to go out into the chilly November air. It was madness, but I had made a plan, and I was determined to see it through.

Stubbornness is a virtue, right? A long stretch of grey skies and rainy days was coming to an end. A temporary cease-fire with the winter sprites had been called. The sun has been set free. How long will it last? Days would be lovely, but hours would be practically optimistic. Our weather is fickle. It will start out happy and cheerful in the morning. By noon, it’s grumpy, and it will throw a tantrum until it talks to the manager.

This land invites you to wander, marvel at its beauty and power, discover the unknown. Get a little lost in the expansive rain forests. Turn off technology, leave your normal life behind, and slow down. Enjoy the moment.

Take a deep breath, and feel the tension dissolve. How can I say no? How can I resist the lure? I put on some warm clothes, laced up my hiking boots, and put my dog on his leash. Let’s do this! Is the sun still out? Yes, then better hurry. Before I go on, if you’ve just stumbled onto my ramblings, there’s one thing you should know. I contracted COVID at the beginning of September and, while it was a mild case, I’ve been struggling to recover….

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