A Unique Book

A Unique Book

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller

People have a lot of questions about the Bible. As a compilation of writings from several different authors that spans centuries of time, the Bible is a fascinating, challenging, frustrating and unique book. Some swear by its power while others can’t understand why anyone would take this ancient script seriously. It has been weaponized to intimidate and start wars and it has also inspired people to great acts of service and heroism. How can we intelligently read it for all its worth? In tackling this question we’ll consider how Jesus use of the Torah might help us read and apply it today.  

A warm welcome to our guest speaker today, Pastor Colin Griffiths. Colin served this church as part of the pastoral team with Pastor Jack Nash from 1991-1994, back when it was known as Vancouver Central SDA Church.  Colin and his wife Meri, along with their children Gareth and Keri were key contributors to the Open Door and Creekside church plants.  It was through the Creekside North Shore that Pastor Colin met Rhoda and became a significant mentor in her journey to becoming a pastor at OAC. Colin and Meri are now adjusting to retired life in Langley, BC. 

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