Understanding Our ‘Why’: The Key to Spiritual Growth

Understanding Our ‘Why’: The Key to Spiritual Growth

Have you ever felt like your spiritual journey is stuck in a rut as if something vital is missing? Sometimes, this sense of stagnation stems from losing sight of a critical aspect: the reason behind our beliefs and practices. In a world that often feels chaotic and directionless, understanding our ‘why’ is not just helpful – it’s foundational.

The Power of ‘Why’ in Personal and Collective Faith

What is our ‘why’? It’s the underlying purpose and conviction behind our actions and beliefs. It’s the heartbeat of our faith. When we lose touch with our ‘why’, our spiritual lives can become mechanical, lacking the vibrant energy that once drove us. It’s like running on a treadmill with no destination in sight. 

Just as a tree needs strong roots to grow, our vision and identity need a firm foundation in our ‘why’. This concept holds true not only on an individual level but also for church organizations. When our identity aligns with our calling and the purpose God has woven into our lives, we become compelling, attractive, and genuinely impactful in our communities.

Our vision and identity need a firm foundation in our ‘why’

The Biblical Perspective on ‘Why’

Jesus’ life is a masterclass in living with a clear ‘why’. His every action, from healing the sick to teaching in parables, was underpinned by a deep-rooted mission – to share God’s love and invite all into His kingdom. This wasn’t just a task list; it was a passionate pursuit of a higher purpose.

Jesus’ mission was compelling because it was rooted in love, liberation, and hope. He came to transform lives. This is the ‘why’ that should drive us – a commitment to living out and sharing this transformative love.

The Old Testament echoes this sentiment. The Prophet Micah famously said, “Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” These aren’t just nice suggestions; they’re a roadmap to a life aligned with God’s ‘why’.

The ‘Why’ of God and Jesus

Have you ever considered that God’s ‘why’ is about our benefit and blessing? It’s not about a list of dos and don’ts, but about guiding us to a life of abundance and fulfillment. As Jeremiah says, God’s plans are for our good, to give us hope and a future.

Sadly, many churches lose sight of this ‘why’. We can become so focused on preserving doctrines or institutional identity that we forget the core of Jesus’ message. When our practices and teachings don’t align with Jesus’ example of radical love and inclusion, we risk becoming insular and uninviting.

So, how do we realign? It starts with a shift in focus. Rather than beginning with what we do or how we do it, we need to start with why. Our ‘why’ should be a reflection of Jesus’ life and teachings, driving everything from our worship to our community outreach.

For churches, it’s crucial not only to understand but also effectively communicate this ‘why’. It’s about creating a community where every aspect, from worship to service, is imbued with the grace and love of God. We should be a church that doesn’t just teach about God but showcases His love in action.