Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus: Lessons from Peter’s Walk on Water

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the storms of life are raging around you? You feel like you’re sinking, and fear starts to grip your heart. In these moments, the story of Peter walking on water with Jesus takes on a profound significance. This passage from the Bible teaches us powerful lessons about faith, focus, and the unwavering love of God.

The Biblical Story of Peter Walking on Water

Let’s dive right into the biblical account found in Matthew 14:22-34. Jesus had gone to a mountain to pray, leaving His disciples behind. A fierce storm enveloped them as they sailed on boats, pushing them further away from shore. In the midst of this tempest, they spotted a figure approaching. It was Jesus, walking on water. But the disciples mistook Him for a ghost. At this moment, Jesus said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

And here’s where Peter’s faith shines through. In verse 28, Peter boldly asks, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.” Without hesitation, Jesus grants his request, saying, “Come.” Peter steps out of the boat and miraculously walks on the water toward Jesus. But, as the winds howl and the waves toss, he begins to doubt, and fear creeps in. Peter starts to sink, and in a desperate cry, he calls out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately, Jesus stretches out His hand, rescuing Peter, and asks him, “You of little faith,” he said, “Why did you doubt?” As they enter the boat together, the storm ceases, and the disciples worship Jesus, acknowledging Him as the Son of God.

An aerial shot of Jesus and Peter walking on the water.

Faith and Distractions

Peter’s experience on the water illustrates the delicate balance between faith and distractions. At first, he steps out in faith, defying the laws of nature because his eyes are fixed on Jesus. However, the storm around him becomes a distraction. Similarly, in our lives, it’s easy to lose focus on our faith when distractions, whether in the form of challenges, doubts, or worldly events, start to consume us.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus didn’t immediately rescue Peter the moment he began to sink? It’s because Jesus was teaching Peter an essential lesson. He wasn’t forcing His will upon Peter but waiting for him to recognize his need for help. God often works in our lives in a similar way. He waits for our sincere prayers, acknowledgment of our need for Him, and trust in His timing.

The Consequences of Taking Eyes off Jesus

Peter’s momentary loss of focus had consequences; he began to sink. In our own spiritual journeys, distractions can have a similar effect. When we take our eyes off Jesus, we may find ourselves sinking into despair, anxiety, or uncertainty. Peter’s experience serves as a vivid reminder of the importance of keeping our focus on Christ, even during life’s storms.

Maintaining focus is crucial, whether in a footrace, in academics, or, most importantly, in our faith. Studies have shown that runners who fix their focus on a single point ahead of the finish line perform better, run faster, and recover more quickly. Similarly, in our spiritual journey, keeping our eyes on Jesus can make all the difference in navigating life’s challenges.

Encouragement to Stay on the Course

Life is filled with trials, hardships, and uncertainties. However, as we navigate these storms, we must remember to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. He is our anchor, the rock that cannot be moved. When you feel burdened, discouraged, or need help, reach out to Him. Fight the good fight, and keep your eyes on whim who will guide you through the tempests.

Peter walking on water is a powerful metaphor for our faith journeys. Just like Peter, we may have experienced moments of courage and faith, only to be tossed about by the storms of life when we lose our focus on Jesus. But remember this: Jesus is always there, ready to reach out His hand and rescue us when we cry out to Him. He doesn’t force His will on us; instead, He patiently waits for our faith to rise above our doubts.

So, as you face the storms in your life, remember to keep your eyes on Jesus. Just as a runner focuses on the finish line, keep your gaze fixed on Him. The distractions and challenges of the world may try to pull you under, but with Jesus as your anchor, you can weather any storm. Brothers and sisters, stay the course, hold fast to your faith, and know that the one who began a good work in you will complete it. As long as you keep your eyes on Jesus, you will find the strength to walk on water in the midst of life’s storms.