Hope’s Anchor

By Pr. Rhoda Klein Miller

At Spanish Banks, a popular summer beach destination, sits a gigantic anchor by Christel Fuoss-Moore. Its been there since 1986. It represents the spot where Spanish explorer Don Jose Maria Narvaez dropped anchor in 1791. He was reportedly the first European to come into this harbour. When the tide is at its lowest you can walk the sand flats into the Burrard Inlet and see Lighthouse Park on the north shore. I think it’s one of the most spectacular views of the city, mountains and ocean. I imagine Don Narvaez was also in awe as he rounded the peninsula where UBC currently sits and viewed the serene shores of what we now call English Bay. Artist Fuoss-Moore said of her work, “The anchor is a symbol of safety and solid footing.”  Has Vancouver been a safe and secure place for you? Maybe it has been the best place you’ve been but the costs of living here certainly will disrupt one’s financial security. Despite ranking as one of the most ‘livable cities’, its citizens are not free of violence, abuse or theft. The corruption of people’s heart’s is evident in every population. That is why I love the reminder of Hebrews 6:19 which says “Hope (in Jesus) is an anchor for the soul.” When faced with a health crisis, financial crisis, loss of a loved one, or trauma we realize our self-made securities shatter easily. As I understand better the character of God my faith in His care provides comfort, motivation and resilience through challenging times. An anchor prevents the ship from being drawn away in the current or smashed against the shore. Jesus is standing with us in stormy seas. He invites us to lift our eyes from present problems and sets our sights on a future of promised peace.