Father’s Love

Father’s Love

By Carolina Henriqez

Father’s as we know in the bible are leaders and protectors of the family. They are also resilient and courageous to rebuild their future for their family. Even God, a man who loved his one and only Son, sacrificed Him to give us eternal life, so we can be saved. Sometimes it is easy to overlook how hard our father’s work to keep us happy and safe. Whether it is building a tree house for their kids to play in or waking up in the middle of the night to pick their child up who has had a rough night at their friends and has chosen to come home.

Growing up with a stepfather, whom I call dad, I learned what sacrifice looked like when raising 4 kids. I learned what it meant to work hard for their child to have a meal. I learned, through his unconditional love, what God’s love looks like when he chose to unselfishly see us as his own. And more importantly, I learned endless compassion when he took the lead in making sure we were safe and protected from the evils of the world. I guess you can call me one of the lucky ones who never felt the word “stepdaughter” as a barrier because until I was a teenager, I only really knew him as my dad.

As we honor our father’s this month, I want you to take a moment and say thank you to your dad. Thank him for all the sacrifices he has endured so you can live a life with endless possibilities. Gift him with your time where you build a puzzle together or sit around and watch your favorite movie together. Or even take him out for a change and treat him to his favorite meal. Whatever it may look like for you and your dad, I want you to remind him just how important he is for you.

And to my dad, “thank you for loving me for who I am and always encouraging me to strive for only but the best.”