Divine Robes

It’s early in the morning and I’m trudging through deep snow on my way to meet a friend. I know I need to pick up the pace but I keep stopping dead in my tracks as I gaze up and pause to snap pics of towering trees with several inches of powder held by even the most delicate branch. I’ve walked down this street countless times but never before did the intricate texture of these trees arrest my attention. The snowy cover has revealed their true character and I find them even more beautiful than when they are sporting green or amber leaves.

Lately I’ve been feeling like a barren tree, at the same time invisible yet fully exposed in the harshness of winter. In a season of struggle that strips me of my best defenses, I raise my hands in an exasperated shrug like twisted branches stretching upward into the frigid air.

However the snow is a gift that makes something beautiful apparent. The grace and blessings of God fall to reveal something wonderful too. Clothed in a divine robe of light we shine with majestic strength from God’s love. We discover our prayers of desperation and surrender have produced a resilient inner character never seen in summer’s ease. The stripped down trees of winter have not lost their significance and neither have I. I’m grateful for the reminder Jesus can turn our dreariest days into opportunities for awe and wonder.