Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult

Oakridge Adventist Church is fortunate to have a vibrant community of young adults. Whether studying in university, hitting the job market for the first time, getting married, having kids, or pursuing goals, young adults often find themselves in transition with big decisions to make. Our church strives to be a place of peace and stability as our young adults consider where God is calling them to live and work, fostering a community where young adults support each other and encourage each other to live life with Jesus.

Young Adult Ministry encourages 18-35 year olds to connect with each other and engage with the church community. This is done through small group Bible study on Saturday mornings, we are currently studying the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Along with this, the OAC young adults organize small groups which meet throughout the city. On top of all this, our young adults are often organizing retreats and other events, both social and outreach, ensuring that each young person in our community has a place and a people to do life together.

Young Adult Ministry Funds

We want to support you in connecting with people, both in and outside the church. If you have an idea to bring people together (whether it is social or outreach), apply for some money. If you would like support for your event, you can apply for up to $200.

Below is the criteria to receive ministry funds.

  • Does it align with OAC’s mission, vision, and values (see below)?
  • Does the event promote the overall well being of those involved?
  • Is the event open to everyone? If not, why?
  • Will everyone have a good time?

For any questions, contact Ryan Brousson
Phone: 604-209-4733