Worship Ministry

Worship is a huge priority at Oakridge Adventist Church. We believe it is the purpose for which we were created and our greatest privilege in encountering the risen and ascended Jesus. Through music, prayer, preaching, and communion, we seek to give our best to God each and every week.

The purpose of Worship Ministry is to lead others in glorification and magnification of God in response to His love and leading in our lives. The worship team organizes church services around the liturgical year, opening our doors every Sabbath of the year. Music is offered weekly by our praise band and occasionally by our Choir who practice and prepare to lead the congregation in lifting their voices to God.

We are fortunate to have a new Video Ministry which allows us to live stream our services every week, reaching people around the globe and especially serving those within our communities who are unable to come to church. The Video Ministry works closely with the Media Ministry which is in charge of presentation software, along with providing training to our members in video production, media editing, web design, and more. In addition, our Sound System Team makes each service run smoothly, ensuring each person present in the church and online has access to the words prayed, taught, and sung in worship.

Oakridge Adventist Church seeks to create a worship experience that reflects our multicultural, multi-generational congregation, drawing everyone into the presence of Jesus.

Worship Ministry Events