Words of Hope – Seek me and Live

Words of Hope – Seek me and Live

The mass shooting in Las Vegas, the ever-increasing occurrence of natural disasters like Irma, the need-based execution for organ harvesting in China, and the North Korean nuclear missile, we are surrounded by depressing news all the time.

Despite all these hopelessness, there are, even more, reasons for us to be hopeful because all these signs show that Christ is indeed coming soon. “Prepare to meet your God, O Israel.” (Amos 4:11). This month, we are going to have s sermon series built around the book of Amos. The four major topics drawn from the Book of Amos are Affluence, Aimlessness, Apathy, and Atrocity. The good news is found in Amos 5:4, “This is what the Lord says to the house of Israel: ‘Seek me and Live’”.

As we celebrate the 500 year anniversary of protestant reformation this month, I can foresee that there is a great opportunity for spiritual re-awakening looming in the air. In a new age with exponential development if information technology, increasing deterioration of the society, and unbearable ineffectiveness of the conventional institutions, the time is ripe for a reformation. We are either to morph ourselves to be part of it, or being crushed by the wheel of history.

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