Words of Hope –  Relationship

Words of Hope – Relationship

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

Relationships impact our well-being, for better and worse! How much do you value kind words spoken from a close friend or a warm hug at a difficult time? Yet these same relationships also bring some of life’s biggest stressors. That’s where God comes in. God supplies us with interpersonal tools of tact, truth and time. In the first CREATION Health seminar the lesson was the power of choice. We always have a choice in how we respond to and treat others. Done right, interpersonal relationships can remarkably improve our health. Just ask OACer Lisley. She is a doula. A recent study of pregnant women revealed the duration of labour in woman left alone during childbirth averaged 19 hours but those joined by a doula laboured a lot less, on average 9 hours. This wisdom comes from our Creator who made us for each other. “Two are better than one… one can lift the other up” Eccles. 4:9,10.

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