Words of Hope – Peace in the storm

Words of Hope – Peace in the storm

By Edwin Darius 

As I was in Southern Africa for an evangelistic mission trip, one of my friends came to the place we were staying with a young man he met at his assigned church. This man had many Bible questions about various topics. so five of us sat with him to discuss and help him find answers.

At some point during our conversation, he admitted that he was going through a lot. That’s when someone around the table lent him a Bible and pointed him to read the verse found in John 16:33.
I no longer remember his name, but I remember the change in his facial expression. Filled with excitement and joy, he asked us to read it three more times. Tears were running down his face as he thanked us and told us that it was the best night of his life since he had finally felt the peace that he was longing for. I then started tearing up and realized how powerful God’s peace in our storms is.
Sometimes God wants to calm us in the storm and give us this incomprehensible peace so we can snore while in the storm, chill in the fiery furnace and play with the lions in their pit! Jesus overcame the worst Evil so be of good cheer friend!



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