Words of Hope –  Daily Choices

Words of Hope – Daily Choices

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

There’s a story of a husband and wife who entered marriage with an unusual strategy for household decisions.  They agreed he would make all the major decisions and she would handle the minor ones. After 20 years, a curious friend asked how the arrangement had worked out. “Great,” the husband responded, “In all these years I’ve never had to make a major decision!”  Last weekend our CREATION Health class understood the foundation of wellness is in the daily choices we make. Those decisions made well about what we do, eat, how we spend our time can prevent major decisions about how to restore our health in the future. Our Creator provided the best advice on caring for our body, mind and spirit in the Bible. Proverbs 1:7 says “Fools despise instruction but those who trust God are wise.” Join us for the next CREATION Health session, 10am Saturday in the Chapel.

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