Words of Hope – Action speaks louder than thoughts

Words of Hope – Action speaks louder than thoughts

On one of the sunny afternoon, as I drove to OAC to prepare for our upcoming ELL program, I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to take the route through Hastings. As I was making a left turn on to Main St., a strange view was caught by the corner of my eyes. A blond girl with her leather jacket wide opened was waiting to cross the street, and the only thing inside was a black bra. Her face was motionless and zombielike.

That iconic image stacked in my mind for a long time, and tears filled my eyes. She was there totally defeated by sin and suffering, as if she was shouting to the numbed world that “I don’t care, cause nobody really cares”.

My rational nature immediately brought me back with many “good” excuses for not to be bothered by it. The first thing came to my mind was that I’m just in charge of the Mandarin ministry in OAC; secondly, there’s nothing I can do to truly elevate their pain. It’s a hopeless situation, a bottomless hole. We just don’t have enough love and grace to meet all their needs….

Really? …Really?…. Where would Jesus go and minister in Vancouver? I believe it will be right there for Him. Who are our neighbours? (Luke 10:29-37)

A person incapable of love is a person not being filled with love. Aren’t many of us been filled with so much love and grace in OAC every Sabbath? How can we coexist so comfortably with such evil in our city? Do we really care at all? If our worship is truly inspiring and not just entertaining, then we shouldn’t have just 4 volunteers for the food bank every month.

No wonder we don’t have miracles happening so often like Jesus time, because we as the hands and feet of Jesus are so shied away from the darkest side of our society.

Do you have the heart? A heart of courage to face the darkness of the real world. A heart of hope to do whatever we can, even if just to flip one stone at a time. A heart big enough to believe that together we can make a difference. If you have the same heart and vision, come and talk with me, and let’s pray and do something real and practical for God’s kingdom.


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