When creation speaks

By Robert Bestwick

When you walk every day from home to work along the same route, it is easy to notice unusual elements in the landscape. The other day my sight focused on a particular leaf in one of the many trees along the road. What caught my attention was its color. Of course, it was different, but more importantly, was the intrinsic message in its hue.

Among an uncountable amount of green leaves, one of them was already wearing its autumn outfit, showcasing a beautiful shade of red that characterizes the arrival of a new season and announces that the precious sunny days will soon end. 

I have always said that communication transcends language, and nature communicates as well. It was not difficult for me to understand the message. That leaf and I had a micro conversation that revealed valuable information.

After the transfer of information comes the next step in the communication process: data analysis and appropriate action. However, what impressed me the most was that this tree knew how to read the signals and respond. Nature understands clearly and reacts with unequaled efficiency.

I am not an expert in botany, but it is common knowledge that the leaves’ pigmentation changes as daylight begins to diminish, closing their “veins” retaining sugars that change their color. Yep!  That’s science.

Those who believe in creation understand that nothing is by chance, and each event has an intention. The leaf interprets the signal and reacts accordingly, and then relays the message the Creator has sent us. Isn’t nature a communication channel in itself?

However, communication only happens if you understand the message and act accordingly. Otherwise, it is just data transfer.

In a broken world, we witness events that we must know how to interpret, analyze and respond to. But, more importantly, taking that simple leaf as an example is our ability to share the message with those who pass by.