What’s your story?

What’s your story?

Has anyone ever asked you: “What’s your story?” Where would you begin? What depths of detail would you share? Would you stick to the highlights and skim over the low points? Where would God factor into your narrative? Sharing how Jesus is changing your life is sometimes called a “testimony” but it is always an act of worship. When we give the credit for our strengths and successes to God, it reveals Him as the author of our faith.

The practice of expressing gratitude to God not only brings positive mental health benefits for ourselves but it can be a huge encouragement for others. Many are feeling distant from God these days. Your story can be a gift of inspiration and motivation to press forward in faith. By sharing our spiritual journey with others we can elevate the reputation of Jesus where the Enemy rumours Him to be a weak and archaic Deity. We shut down the distrust by speaking to our real experience of a caring Creator.

The transformation of our characters is compelling evidence and our account of God’s actions reveal His divine attributes. His mercy, forgiveness and empowerment in my life demonstrates a generous love. What actions and attributes have you witnessed? Will you be a witness for a good God in a disillusioned, doubting world? OAC will continue to offer multiple platforms to share your story.

This weekend we are highlighting the experiences of new members and volunteers as part of our worship service. We have a podcast if you prefer an off-camera avenue, and this Words of Hope weekly blog is available to feature your written story. May we all be a friend to God like David was who did not “restrain his lips” or keep private the story of his deliverance but openly spoke about the Lord’s faithfulness and salvation (Psalm 40: 9-10).

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