Viral Note of Thanks

Viral Note of Thanks

A thank you note from a BC women to her Victoria RCMP jailors recently went viral, even finding a featured spotlight during The Tonight Show. The handwritten letter from the former inmate thanked the officers for their service and even included a 4.5 star rating! “Probably the most Canadian thing to do,” remarked the late night host Jimmy Fallon. But if it was commonly Canadian, it wouldn’t have gotten so much attention. The RCMP spokesperson said while they occasionally get verbal thanks as prisoners depart, they have never received an official thank you note before.

The note discloses feeling nervous about entering police custody and acknowledges the kindness she was shown, beyond what she expected or felt she deserved. Isn’t this also the case when it comes to God. Rumours and exaggerated stories make Him seem terrifying and threatening. But the truth of it is His mercy and grace reach us as we face the consequences of the mess we got ourselves into. His judgement is deliverance to those who surrender themselves from the prison of sin into His protective custody.

God is not the jailor but Sustainer. We will be surprised by the generosity of His forgiveness and tender kindness. Not only does He shorten the sentence of discipline but prepares a feast to celebrate our freedom. Psalm 145:16-17 praises God for opening His hand to satisfy the needs of every living thing, being righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds. In Acts 17:28 Paul affirms its because of Jesus we live and move and identify as God’s children. Have you taken a moment to craft your personal, heart-felt response of gratitude for His saving and sustaining power in your life? Join us in worship this Sabbath as we do exactly that.nt at OAC, or by phone: 604-266-6727.

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