Unbiased Salvation

Unbiased Salvation

By Edwin Darius 

In his novel entitled “Amelia” published in 1751, the English Novelist by the name of Henry Fielding mentioned a story in which a security guard falsely accused a woman of street-walking after midnight curfew. 

The judge dismissed her truthful defence and convicted her based on the fact that she was a poor beggar woman. In another case, the same judge dismissed charges of beating a security guard against those who seemed to be wealthy and convicted the one that seemed to be poor.

It’s a sad day when a judge who’s supposed to be impartial has a personal bias against you. See, in the mind of the Jews God had a personal bias toward them. They believed that He wouldn’t extend His favour, His grace, and blessings to the Gentiles. They not only thought they were better but also that salvation was only available to them…  But God opened their minds through Peter’s vision in Acts 10: 9-16. Peter saw a sheet of all kinds of unclean animal and God telling Him to “kill and eat.” The message of this passage is that salvation is available to all people regardless of their ethnic background. God wanted Peter to “kill and eat” in the sense of conquering the world for Christ with the Gospel, bringing all souls unto Him. Peter realized that God didn’t favour a particular group of people but that irrespective of culture, He welcomes anyone who reveres Him and does right.

I am happy to know that God is an impartial God!



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