Hug a Tree

Hug a Tree

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

Have you hugged a tree recently? Maybe quite some time has passed since you last embraced the trunk of a tree declared safe in a schoolground game or scaled its girth in search of new treasures and views. Did you know contact with trees can be beneficial to your mental health? Study participants had increased levels of oxytocin and serotonin hormones following time spent among trees which gave them a greater sense of calm and happiness. I find it interesting Proverbs 3:18 describes wisdom as a tree of life to those who embrace it, repeating “those who cling to her are happy.” Where can we find this life-giving wisdom? Trees have been its keeper for centuries, a vital source for recording the wisdom of God in paper form. Wisdom is also found in the counsel of elders, who are like robust trees strengthened by each ring of life. God loves to share with us His divine wisdom. He blessed Solomon’s prayer for wisdom to lead. Don’t hesitate to reach for and cling to that wisdom today.

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