Traveling Together

Traveling Together

By Edwin Darius 

A few years ago, as a Master Guide in training, I had to attend a survival camp in Toronto. For some reason, I thought it would be a fun experience, but I was shocked when the leaders warned us that there were bears in the area. The only thing I remembered from the instructors was to “always travel in groups of 3 or 4 wherever we would need to go.” No matter how tough I thought I was, I would not dare going anywhere by myself, trust me.

In this journey called life, traveling together is always safer. I am currently reading an interesting book titled Dangerous Calling, written by Paul David Trip. In one of the chapters, as he examined how people can easily lose track in their christian journey, he talked about the fact that spiritually journeying alone never works.

In his own words about his journey, he says “I [was] trying to do what none of us is able to do -spiritually make it on my own. Autonomous Christianity never works, because our spiritual life was designed by God to be a community project.”(38).

This is one of the sentences that really stood out to me in the verse because so often I tend to exclude people from my spiritual journey and believe that I should or can make it on my own or that it’s only between me and God. This is simply not a biblical idea because God never intended for us to journey through this world alone.

When we journey together, the gospel becomes a lived reality, we benefit from our peers’ insights, warnings, protection, and encouragements. As a matter of fact, that’s when growth happens. Let’s always remember that it’s better and safer when we travel together.

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