The Lady with the Lamp

The Lady with the Lamp

By Rhoda Klein Miller

It’s National Nurses Week in Canada, which aligns with the anniversary of  Florence Nightingale’s birthday.  This “Lady with the Lamp” dramatically lowered the death rate of soldiers during the Crimean War, and improved conditions for the sick as she pioneered and reformed health care practices.

Did you know her devotion to nursing came from a call she sensed from God to care for the sick?  Nightingale wrote these words in a letter to her mother: “I only wish for God to make me what He wishes—that I may be able to do all He asks of me.”  This echoes the humble and sacrificial ways Jesus served humanity. 

In fact His ministry of healing was another sign that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies about the Messiah (Matt 8:17).  Jesus physically healed people so that they would believe He had power over a more crippling and fatal condition, the infection of sin (Matt 9:6).  Nurses reflect the care and restorative work of our Saviour. 

During this COVID-19 health crisis, let’s continue to give thanks for the life, efforts and risks taken of all healthcare workers who tend to the ill.  Continue to pray for them, join the 7pm cheer, send a thank you note or pick up a free lawn sign expressing appreciation for these healing hands from our church property.

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