The fruit of the Holy Spirit

The fruit of the Holy Spirit

By Rhoda Klein Miller 

Vviiiiissssssshh droned the helplessly spinning tires against layers of compressed slush. There would be a brief pause before the sound repeated. The slope of Laurel Street and its frozen coating was a more challenging ascent than first appeared to this brave driver. With other vehicles behind him awaiting their turn to attempt it, there was no backing down from this contest.

Annoyed by the persistent disruption to my devotional time, I surveyed the scenario from my apartment window.  Whether motivated by restoring peace to his breakfast hour or by sympathy for this stranger’s predicament, a neighbour emerged with a shovel in one hand, and bucket of grit in the other, marching toward the car with sweeping gestures.

Its passenger lept out, gratefully accepting the tools and scraped away the impeding snow.  Following my neighbours direction the driver turned into the oncoming lane and slowly zig-zagged upward then successfully turned onto the level crossroad. God had something else in mind for my quiet time as I witnessed the fruit of the Holy Spirit “patience, kindness, goodness” (Gal 5:22) demonstrated by the deed of this “Good Samaritan”.  Now would someone see the same in me today? Only by God’s grace (Phil 2:13).

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