Team and Training

Team and Training

By Pr. Rhoda Klein Miller 

I heard a great metaphor this week that helps explain the exhaustion you may be experiencing. You thought the goal was simply not to sink, just keep your chin above the oncoming waves of this tumultuous time. But as you see the shoreline nearing, someone is handing you running shoes. It’s marathon time. And when the finish-line appears on the road ahead, someone else is handing you a bike. This is a triathlon you weren’t prepared for!  

What if God has been training us for 2020 all along? Over the past 4 years this church has said goodbye to 3 pastors, and was hit with disappointment when a favoured candidate couldn’t accept.  It has been a tough journey and you might feel the losses and set-backs outnumbered the celebrations. Yet we were refined, strengthened and we persisted with faith in things we could not see, and the Spirit kept leading people to our open arms and into the family of God!  I want to express my thanks for the commitment and dedication of your prayers and hours of service to support ministry at OAC. In particular I appreciate the work of the Pastoral Search Committee members: Phil, Gaileen, Abe, Kylinda, Rex, Oma, Gloria, Joana, Kerhys, Heather, Alicia and Raquel who were so dedicated to the mission, vision and values of this church. Your service for the Lord is not in vain! (1 Cor 15:58).  We’ll continue to learn from this experience and wonder at God’s mysterious ways.

We are just half way through the year but it has already been so uncomfortable, so disruptive, so raw, that it is forcing us to grow. 2020 is shouting in our faces, awakening anyone left in complacent slumber. This is our year to band together. We need each other, and Jesus more than ever. 

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