Shaking Hearts 

Shaking Hearts 

By Robert Bestwick

I can still remember the sound of the earth breaking under my feet during the 2014 earthquake in Chile. The explosions of glass and energy sources are also etched in my memory.

The earthquake was 8.2 on the Richter scale, followed by multiple minor aftershocks.

This week’s events in Turkey and Syria refreshed these memories that probably any self-respecting Chilean would have. This type of disaster has had a lasting impact on many people’s lives, including mine. 

Once the earthquake subsided, I had to evacuate to a safe area where the tsunami couldn’t reach me. Afterward, I had to walk across the city to check on my daughter. That trip was the most shocking part since it was there -after the tragedy- when the best and worst of every human being came out. Trauma empowers and amplifies what we carry inside and shows our truest essence.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, some individuals took advantage of the situation by raising food prices and basic supplies, while others resorted to violent looting to acquire electrical appliances, and some even used their positions of power to benefit themselves and their families.

However, the spirit of God never abandons his children, and it strengthens the hearts of those who love their neighbors. The act of people sharing what they had, helping search through the rubble, donating, or simply offering comfort reflects hope not being lost. It shows that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who understand that life is a journey to be taken together, not as individuals.