Remarkable and unique

Remarkable and unique

By Rhoda Klein Miller 

Ever have somebody mistake you for someone else? Or did you approach another person sure of who they were only to discover they were not who you had in mind. As a twin I’m very familiar with mistaken identity situations. There may be doppelgangers or stunt-doubles in the world, and some of us literally do have clones however, among the 7 billion individuals sharing the planet right now, none of them are truly identical to each other.

My twin sister and I are still unique; different fingerprints, different personalities.  Psalm 139:13-15 celebrates the God who hand-crafted each one of His human children, knitting us together in our mother’s wombs with the same intentionality He demonstrated when He shaped Adam and Eve.  Because of sin noone is born perfect, but our defects do not detract from our purpose to be “Evidence A” in the case for a Creator who made us each remarkable and special. We have a purpose to apply our individual combination of characteristics, experiences and skills to do what no one else can do, sharing our stories so other people will discover how wonderful it is to know Jesus. Negative self-talk undermines God’s estimation of you. Replace those thoughts with praise for being wonderfully made and serve God with confidence, He made you, He chose you and He has a mission you are perfectly suited for.


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