The power of teaching

The power of teaching

By Pr. Rhoda Klein Miller 

They called Him “Rabboni” which means “Teacher.” When the Bible records Jesus speaking, the common verb used is “to teach.” He teaches His disciples, He teaches in the synagogues, He teaches the crowds. His only boyhood experience recorded in the gospels involves Jesus engaged in a learning conversation with temple rabbis. Among the theme’s of His three year ministry on earth, alongside miracles and healing, is story-telling and truth-telling. It was a ministry of education and modeling what the kingdom of heaven is truly about.
In Genesis, from the creation of humanity, God gave His children both dignity and duty. As image-bearers of the Creator, even before the Fall, we were tasked to grow and develop our understanding of God’s character and emulate it. To be a learner is to express our humanity. The prayer of King Solomon, to increase in knowledge and wisdom, should be ours as well. Education is essential to human flourishing. To the extent that education is neglected or marginalized, flourishing is threatened or reversed. Education will be essential to challenge and correct misconceptions and inform our participation in the reconciling work (Col 1:20). Whether it’s the fight against Covid or racial injustice, education is a powerful and essential tool. Carefully consider what you are learning and what you are sharing. Does it align with the teachings of the Great Rabonni – Jesus?

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