Meet Joshua Zhao: Mandarin Ministry Bible Worker

Meet Joshua Zhao: Mandarin Ministry Bible Worker

OAC is delighted to welcome Joshua as he joins OAC as a part-time employee supporting Mandarin ministry.  This is a snapshot of his journey in his own words:

First time I went to church I was in high school. The church in China was full of seniors, rare to see youth or peers. My second year of university, I went to church regularly and was baptized the next year. I am currently working for a non-profit program with elementary students and studying counselling psychology. 

My hope and goal for Mandarin ministry is that people can be united as a family and one body in Christ. The OAC Chinese community can be part of ministry and outreach to the international students and families who are settling here. Through us, they can experience the love of God and learn the life-changing truth. 

I like OAC because the leaders value the younger generations. They invest time to create an environment of acceptance and compassion for everyone. And I love the worship team! 

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