Words of Hope –  Mavis Jones

Words of Hope – Mavis Jones

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

This week our church lost a treasured friend and pillar of faith, Mavis Jones. For decades she poured her heart and soul into ministering to others. This past year she could not attend very often but would join our worship online. She was a devoted pray warrior for the ministries and people of this church. Hundreds of names are listed in her prayer journals. Even those who met her briefly or in her declining years can tell you there was something incredible about this woman. Just one week before her death we gathered with her sister and nephew from Florida at her hospital bedside to pray. Though our petitions were made through tears and with trembling voices, we dispersed with hugs and smiles. Once again Mavis was an agent of ministry, inspiration and blessing for us. Jesus promised “My peace I leave with you; a peace that nothing else in the world can provide.” (john 14:26)

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