Let the earth receive our king

Let the earth receive our king

By Ryan Brousson 

Life gets busy, especially around the holidays, and it can be hard to take time to remember or think about the meanings of these events. The Christmas season is no exception. But during this season we have the opportunity to turn our minds to a couple of the most important events in our planet’s history. One of these events was predicted, foretold, or prophesied in Genesis 3. It tells of God coming to this planet to reconcile us to Himself. Prophecies can sometimes be hard to believe or pay attention to, especially when they do not say when it will happen, but we can believe this one: because it did happen!

God came 2000 years ago to Bethlehem, a small town in rural Israel (a town of little importance, which says a lot about God’s care for the “unimportant”), in the form of a baby named Jesus. He brought reconciliation with Him, taking His rightful place as King of this world.

During Christmas, we not only look back to Jesus’ first coming as a baby, but we also look at His life, His death for us, and His second coming. This first coming (birth, life, and death) and the reconciliation to God was resulted, was God’s gift to us, His children. 

As you go through the events of this holiday season: spending time with family and friends, buying gifts for those you love; remember the gift God gave you 2000 years ago: a saviour named Jesus. Let us remember and receive our King!

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