Isn’t Easter a Pagan tradition?

Isn’t Easter a Pagan tradition?

It’s 2021 and I’m still asked if it’s “right” for a Christian to celebrate Easter. The snarky side of me wants to rebuff the disguised critique but if I pause to pray, I find just enough patience and compassion to address the underlying fear. We live in a world of blended traditions. The English names for the days of the week honour Germanic gods: Tiw, Woden, Thor and Freya, but we’re not too concerned that using these titles compromises our monothestic worship.

It’s not the name but the content that matters. It’s not the use of a drum or wifi that is a gateway to demonic possession, it is the darkness we already harbour in our hearts that invites evil in further. But here’s the good news, or rather the GREAT news. Jesus is in the redemption business and the greatest act of redemption occured on a known and real historical date which gives us cause to celebrate.

To redeem means to rescue from fault, or gain ownership by an exchange. The Christian celebration of Easter traces its roots to Passover when Jesus redeemed the lost meaning of those symbols before redeeming our souls from their corruption by sin. He has the same power to do so today. He can redeem anyone and anything for a higher purpose and heaven’s glory!

Motivated by our mission, OAC will adapt an ancient German tradition of Ostereierbaum, or Easter trees to share the story of Jesus’ victory over death with our neighbourhood. Four trees adjacent to the church along Baillie Street will be dripping with coloured eggs and ribbons that point to Jesus as the promise and proof of new life. Tell your friends, drive by, snap a photo, look up the linked Bible text and “Praise God! In His great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” 1 Peter 1:3.

At OAC we recognize we all need to experience the life-changing love of Jesus. We welcome individual, cultural and ethnic diversity as a blessing and benefit to our faith community.