By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

Hornets! One of the staff cabins at Camp Hope had a small infestation of them. As you can imagine, when they awoke to the alarming sounds of buzzing wings they evacuated pretty quickly! Thankfully everyone escaped unharmed. This incident reminded me of a time in ancient history God used a swarm of hornets. In Joshua 24:12 God reminds His people that He sent hornets ahead of them to drive out their enemies, and they didn’t have to lift a sword or shoot a single arrow.  We can become so focussed on stressful struggles of daily life that we forget Jesus has taken care of many battles for us in the past and we didn’t even have to lift a finger, and He has the power to do it again. Why not offer a prayer of gratitude today in faith for the victories God has provided that you may not be aware of and worship the Maker and Master of all things large and small, even hornets!

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