God’s Ways

God’s Ways

By Colin Griffiths

One of the reasons we have been talking about fighting for the last few weeks is that we all have power and sometimes we use it in unhealthy ways. We have this love hate relationship with power – We hate it when people power up on us and we love being in the power position until we are left with picking up the pieces of a damaged relationship so we go back to hating it.

As people of faith we worship God who is described as having the power to speak things into existence. We have been told that God’s ways are not like ours, that God always knows best, that God’s sense of justice is not like our sense of Justice, and God is in control. All this creates serious cognitive dissonance and also makes a huge difference to the power relationships we are in.

How does the power imbalance work in our relationship with this God? Or should the question really be “is this who God is and what difference would it make to the way we fight if the God we worship dealt with power and its abuse in a totally unexpected way?

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