Words of Hope –  God’s Trust

Words of Hope – God’s Trust

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

Considering how flawed we are, its remarkable that God trusts us to do some pretty significant things like represent His character and kingdom! Just think about how we respond when someone breaks our trust. We are naturally cautious about, if not totally avoid future interactions.  How do we break God’s trust? Be neglecting or damaging the valuable assets He gave us to steward: ourselves, each other and creation. Thankfully God is forgiving and gracious with our faults. He maintains His expectations we will be faithful giving us spiritual gifts as resources to use to serve, teach, encourage, lead and show mercy (Rom 12:6-8). If we keep sharing what God has blessed us with, despite our mistakes and failures we will hear “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matt 25:21). 

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