God’s Introduction

God’s Introduction

By Edwin Darius 

After Moses ran out from Pharaoh’s palace, he spent the next 40 years living a quiet life as a shepherd –until one day, he encountered God through an ever-burning bush. As you know, for more than 400 years, God’s children have been in bondage in the land of Egypt under the rule of the self-conceited Pharaoh. Since God had heard their cry and saw their suffering, He not only revealed Himself to Moses but also called him to be the liberator of the Israelites. However, a little skeptic about the situation, Moses asked,

“What’s your name? So I can tell them you sent me”

“I AM WHO I AM –just tell them I AM sent you” replied God.

What an introduction! That’s how God introduced Himself to Moses and the Israelites. A writer once said that “these powerful simplistic five words say more about God than any novel could.” In these five words are embedded God’s power over the past, the present and the future. However, to the Israelites and Moses, this God was a total stranger. Who really is this strange God?

Join us for our interactive intergenerational Bible Lab! Every Saturday Morning, at 10 AM in the Chapel, we are starting a series through the Book of Exodus entitled “Stranger God.” Knowing this God will certainly help us to trust Him with our life, our pain, our problems, and our destiny.

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