No hands but ours

No hands but ours

By Rhoda Klein Miller 

There’s a church in Germany with a statue of Jesus by the altar. The building had been bombed in the war and the outstretched hands of Christ were broken off in the shaking. As the church was repaired and rebuilt the church members chose to keep the figure as it was to remind them they had to be the hands of Jesus. In the aftermath of any war there are more people in need of help. Jesus calls His people, His followers to do exactly what He did while walking this earth as a direct service for Him. ” I was hungry and you gave me food” Matt 25:35

What have your hands been doing this week? Besides being washed like every 5 minutes! Anytime you feel like wringing your hands in worry, try folding them in prayer. When you start twiddling your thumbs in boredom, consider writing out a note of encouragement for someone.  Make sure your hands come together at 7pm daily to applaud those whose hands are helping heal our sick. Ask God to give you healing hands and show you where they are needed most. 

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