“God’s 3rd Book” – a poem

By Henri Laroco – Inspire Ministries

If ears could see, and eyes could hear
Then I would have nothing to fear
For God’s creations speaks His words
Through songs of bears and little birds
God, The Creator, created creations
That would create songs for a new generation
And God said, “That’s good.” When He saw you and me
But oh how much better if said musically
So He put in our hearts a tune for the ages
A melody to be sung throughout our life stages
So when we relate to a song of reflection
Between each other, we gain new connections
Or if someone writes a song that you can dance to
You lay down your sadness and now you feel brand new
For God made music, to have and to hold
Like a loving connection for our ears and our souls
Three notes together will make a chord
That David played to please the Lord
The chord that Saul would need the most
To keep his connection with the Holy Ghost
When King Saul didn’t know what to believe in
It was the Lord’s music that silenced his demons
And when it all stopped, his anger returned
His hatred for David in his heart just burned
And as for me, the way music heals
Is by giving us strength to face life’s ordeals
We listen, we sing, we play instruments
And we do it again til our hearts are content
A lullaby that puts our babies to sleep
Or a song that is played, when we say vows to keep
Are the things that help us create memories
The things that remind us how good life can be
My lips could not explain the way that I feel
Unlike piano keys which share my deep thoughts concealed
My heart filled with sorrow could never express
The way my guitar speaks of my current distress
The highs and the lows, the ups and the downs
Would be understated with one simple frown
But whenever my hands pull on those strings
God hears the words that I cannot sing

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