Full Eclipse Day

Full Eclipse Day

By Rhoda Klein Miller

I began attending OAC just before the news broke its beloved pastor Manuel Silva was battling cancer. He loved puns and began to publically share his journey in a blog under the charming name “SilvaLining.” 

His commitment to model for us enduring faith despite his devastating diagnosis was inspirational and pointed to a source of strength we could all access – Jesus. 

This legacy is still ours to carry. Beyond the gloomy cloud of this pandemic looming over us is a Light the darkness cannot blot out, John 1:5. I’m reminded of a solar eclipse. The moon, just the right size and distance from Earth can obscure the Sun’s entire surface. But then we see something we couldn’t before – the corona. 

Cue Alanis Morissette. I’ve got a new lyric for her song. Covid-19 is like rays on a full eclipse day.  What do you see? What new thing or revelation exists now that would not be yours had this crisis not happened?  Parents at home are cherishing moments with their kids they would have missed otherwise. Teens discovering how fresh and dewy their skin looks after days without makeup!  Shut-in seniors experiencing waves of empathy and connection from house-bound family members. 

Let’s count our silver linings together.  What blessing are you grateful for that came only as a result of this virus?  #Testify 

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