We’re glad you’ve come to
our Community Fitpark!

The idea to convert our front lawn into a Fitpark was born during the Covid-19 pandemic with a desire to support health and wellness in our neighborhood.

We have carefully selected a range of products that are simple, fun, easy and accessible to a variety of skill levels. You will discover opportunities to improve strength, cardio, flexibility and balance. Below are some video tutorials to get you started. If you’ve been inactive for a long time or if you have a chronic health condition, get your doctor’s OK before you start.

Exercises you can perform

An Open Space for Everyone

We hope this area will be a place for intergenerational connection and community building around shared wellness goals. It is our joy to offer you free access to this fitness equipment. All we ask in return is that  you use the equipment as intended and leave the area clean and tidy.  If you would like to pay it forward and contribute to future improvements click here to donate

We expect at least 5,000 uses of this fitness park based on a modest estimate that 15 individuals on average will access it daily.  The fitness equipment is manufactured and guaranteed for decades of use.

Many grandparents in our neighbourhood are supportive caregivers to their grandchildren. We intend to purchase fun and aesthetically pleasing products that will help motivate participation and use, supporting both fitness and mental wellness.

This area can provide a range of opportunities to meet the fitness goals of all ages and skill levels. There are 500 households in a one-kilometre radius and 120 high school students who are attending classes in our ground-level classrooms.