Echoing Jesus’ Compassion

Echoing Jesus’ Compassion

By Rhoda Klein Miller 

I rang up one of our church seniors this week. “You are the fourth person to call me from the church in the past week!” she reported.  I was relieved, delighted and proud that this church is energized and echoing the compassion of Jesus for the vulnerable. 

This pandemic, the heightened risk to our health and implications on our freedoms to physically gather will test a church and expose traditions that have overshadowed purpose. Is our religion based on routine and places or is our faith grounded in prayer, and deepened by the practice of shared values? 

Beyond the walls of 5350 Baillie Street, how will Oakridge Adventist Church be known and seen? We are about to find out! Now more than ever we need each other and our community needs us. Jobs are lost, investments are sunk, families are separated, resources become scarce, leaders and experts are questioned as trust wears thin and anxiety rises.

1 Corinthians 13 can help us reflect on what matters most during troubling times, as we confront staggering uncertainty. When markets crash, laws change, careers end and health fades, faith, hope and love will remain, and the most powerful of the three is love. God loves you and so will we. 

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